Top 10 Best Massage Chair in India Reviews Price & Buying Guide

massage chair india
massage chair india

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Top 10 Best Massage Chair in India Reviews Price

I wish I could get a spa to my home on my extremely stressful days, but is it even possible?

And I’m not the only one dealing with this dilemma. There are thousands more who wish they could the

comfort and satisfaction of full body massage at home.

But, these days are long gone now. Ask me why?

We should thank the inventor of the massage chair in India.

Now, cut on the time-consuming parlors and spa visits and relay on to the massage chairs.

With the invention of the massage chair, the dilemma of visiting spa had come to an end, but have raised a new question- that among the highly lavish massage chairs, Which is the best massage chair in India?

Hakuna- Batata- Not to worry.

This article has got the list of Top 10 Best Massage Chair in India Reviews Price & Buying Guide for you.

Before we get to the list of best full body massage chairs in India, Why not discover the types of massage chairs are.

Types of best body massager machine in India – 

The work and efficiency of massage chairs depend on their types. The types are- 

  • Vibrating massage chairs.
  • Roller massage chairs
  • Airbag massage chairs

Let’s know their work and efficiency individually and how helpful they are.

Vibrating massage chairs- 

One of the most affordable chairs. 

The vibrating massage chairs have specially designed motor-generators vibrations, which are then transferred to various parts of the body—this helps relieve stress and muscle tension.

Roller Massage chairs-

The roller massage chairs have attached rollers behind the chair lining. The rollers release gentle pressure over your entire body, which helps relieve tension and stress within the muscles. 

The advanced version comes with heated rollers, which are quite expensive but worth buying.

Airbag Massage chairs- 

These are some of the most expensive massage chairs. If you are ready to afford more than the airbag, massage chairs are the best options. You will not be able to differentiate between hand massage and airbag massage chairs. Along with that, it had heated roller options. These massage chairs help improve blood circulation over the body, so if you have some health issues, this is an ideal option for you.

The best part is all of the three categories are of top-notch quality. They only differ in price. You can get the best massage chair in India 2021 in every range.

Top 10 Best full body massage chair in India-

Not exaggerating much, Let’s jump back to the Top 10 Best Massage Chair in India Reviews Price & Buying Guide.

1. Robotouch Maxima Luxury Ultimate Massage Chair

Best Massage Chair India
Best Massage Chair in India

The first top amusing piece on our list is this Robotouch Maxima Luxury Ultimate Massage Chair. An extremely purchased and loved massage chair.

Robotouch is the limelight stealer for precise and best massage chairs. Our top 4th in the list of Top 10 Best Massage Chair in India Reviews Price & Buying Guide is one innovation of Robotouch- The Robotouch Maxima Luxury Ultimate Massage Chair.

This chair is the best for comfort and luxury seekers. This great massage chair has multiple auto-massage functions for pain and stress issues and nowhere to serve a therapeutic massage experience. This chair is a top-notch competitor in the list of vertically movable massage chairs. It comprises various massage variation techniques: knocking, kneading, and flapping for an extreme quality massage. It has enhanced auto-detection for the proper identification of body parts.

There is a manual control massage option for upper, lower, or full body massage options. On the arch and toe, there are two sets of papillae for root rotating massage. Along with that, it has heel mastoid skin for scraping massage. These all three eras ensure to serve an extreme level of comfort and relaxation. On the backside of the massage chair, there are carbon fibers which are the best comfort providers.

In simple words- comfort and convenience in one place.

This chair is famously known for its customized full-body massage therapy. It would help if you tried it.

Key features-

  • 28 air bags
  • 8 permanent magnets.
  • One air pump.
  • 2D auto-detection function.
  • Vertically movable.
  • Zero gravity massage chair.
  • Space-saving
  • Smooth rollers.
  • 2D shoulder detection for massage therapy.
  • M1 and M2- two inbuilt memory levels.
  • Ache/pain reliever.
  • full body massage(Feet to toe)
  • 3 – air-pressure modes.
  • Auto heating feature throughout carbon fibers.
  • Two sets of papillae for toe and arches.
  • Quite bulky.
  • Space consuming.

Robotouch Maxima Luxury Ultimate Massage Chair Price-

If you have a large and convenient room, this exceptionally large but extremely efficient massage chair is a perfect fit for you and your pains.

This Robotouch Maxima Luxury Ultimate Massage Chair is readily available at Amazon at Price not available.

The money can sound high, but it’s worth buying.

massage chair India
Robotouch Maxima Luxury Ultimate Massage Chair

2. JSB MZ15 Full Body Massage Chair with Powerful 3D Back

Best Massage Chair India
Best Massage Chair in India

We’ve got another graceful invention of JSB. The JSB MZ15 Full Body Massage Chair with Powerful 3D Back.

It is immense of a compelling 3D back and an expert in full body massage. Starting for the leg massage functioning of this exclusive massage chair. The leg functions are Kneading, Tapping, Tapping + Kneading, shiatsu, knock, Air Squeeze. It has comprehensive roller coverage with shoulder adjustment for comfortable angle and reclining. More comfortable than lying on a soft, comfy bed. It has a swing massage feature that precisely targets the back portion’s specific zones, including stretching massage for the back and leg.

This chair is best to relieve the morning stiffness of the body. It has a fantastic foot roller massager, which gives an extremely comfortable ankle/ calf and reflexology massage.

The JSB MZ15 Full Body Massage Chair is a blessing for short-height ones.

Along with all these qualities, this JSB MZ15 Full Body Massage Chair knocks with a one-year warranty and free assembling at your doorstep.

Key features –

  • Powerful 3D back.
  • L shape track.
  • Sharp shoulder adjustments.
  • Swing and spot massage feature.
  • Adjustable according to height.
  • Foot roller massager.
  • Three zero gravity angles for leg elevation.
  • Seat vibration and lumbar heating.
  • Full body air squeeze.
  • Ankle/calf foot roller massage.
  • Best for short heightened people.
  • Swing massage.
  • Full body reclining.
  • Full body massage
  • Bit expensive.

JSB MZ15 Full Body Massage Chair with Powerful 3D Back price-

Digital is way far better than physical shopping. Along with the delivery, the guarantee is also there.

If you are looking for some magical massage chair, you can order this masterstroke at Price not available from Amazon.

massage chair India
JSB MZ15 Full Body Massage Chair

3. Osada India Plus 3D Full Body Automatic Massage Chair.

Best Massage Chair India
Best Massage Chair in India

Are you looking for a long-term massage chair? Comfy but long durable chair? Then this Osada India Plus 3D Full Body Automatic Massage Chair is an ideal piece for you. 

This Osada India Plus 3D Full Body Automatic Massage Chair has a premium quality fabric with long-term durability. This chair is made of hard resin material, especially at the bottom, to avoid damage and long-term use. The massage chair has a 3D mechanism.

The chair comprises six heated rollers with an extra-long SL track for the back, buttock, and thigh massage, whereas in other chairs, it’s only L-track. It has auto programming, which includes Athlete, golfer, senior, and office person mode according to need.

The foot rollers serve a great wraparound calf, and foot massage will relieve away the pain. There are multiple techniques to relieve stress.

Key features-

  • Easy use digital pannel.
  • Pre-set massage options.
  • Back massage for shoulders.
  • Heating pad.
  • Legs, thigh, and arm massage
  • foot massage for the sole.
  • 3D mechanism.
  • Stretch mode
  • Six heated rollers
  • Zero gravity massage
  • Various massage techniques
  • Auto programming
  • Six rollers.
  • No such cons.

Osada India Plus 3D Full Body Automatic Massage Chair Price.

This masterpiece is worth Price not available. And it is readily available on Amazon. Want to buy? Then what are you waiting for? Grab it now.

massage chair India
Osada India Plus 3D Massage Chair

4. Robotouch Dreamwave 3D Luxury Full Body Massage Chair

Best Massage Chair India
Best Massage Chair in India

A 3D luxury massage chair of Robotouch brand. Now, enjoy your massage therapy session with this premium chair with a good music session.

It has 3D moves in up, down, front and rear direction.

The chair auto detects the location of the shoulder, curves, and posture of the body. The Robotouch Dreamwave 3D Luxury Full Body Massage Chair equips with an extended SL track mechanism. Along with that, it has 23 automatic massage programs.

It consists of 6 kinds of massage techniques, including- kneading, tapping, Shiatsu, knocking, 3D massage, Kneading+ tapping. The chair has an enhanced technology of heating function using carbon fibers at the back of the chair. The amplified Bluetooth and music sound result from 3D digital speakers on the left and right sides of the chair.

Along with that, the massage chair comprises waist twist and backstretch massage functions. The chair has negative oxygen ions, which clears the dust particles surrounded by the users.

The footrest function of the chair has auto-equipped sensors for adjustments of different leg lengths.

And the best part of the chair is it improves blood circulation and stress.

Key Features-

  • 23 automatic massage modes.
  • Three memory modes.
  • Five levels of speed adjustable massage
  • Multi-position massage
  • Three air pressure level and intensity adjustable
  • LED Touch screen
  • Infinity stretching
  • SL shaped trail
  • Bluetooth function.
  • Zero gravity massage
  • Free installation design
  • Zero space consuming
  • 3D technical hands
  • Bit a pricey product.

Robotouch Dreamwave 3D Luxury Full Body Massage Chair price-

This chair is quite expensive, with an MRP of ₹ 493,900 at Amazon. Yep! quite expensive, but it has that many updated features.

massage chair India
Robotouch Dreamwave 3D Massage Chair

5. Bodyfriend 4D Zero Gravity Massage Chair With Bluetooth

Best Massage Chair India
Best Massage Chair in India

All our best massage chair in India inherits most innovative technologies. And so is our. Bodyfriend 4D Zero Gravity Massage Chair With Bluetooth.

It has an auto body scan feature for on-point performance. Compressed with quality rollers, which works no less than magical wonder on the pain and ache spots of the body. It has an L-shaped structure which allows for perfect leaning and relaxation. With that, it is a multi-angle integrated massage provider for the back and hip portion. It is designed with highly durable and quality material.

For the back massage, calf massage, and foot massage, multiple airbags are embedded in the Bodyfriend 4D Zero Gravity Massage Chair With Bluetooth chair.

Along with that, you can activate the head massage options.

It has various modes of motion, which include- flapping, knocking, and kneading.

The eye-catching feature of this Bodyfriend 4D Zero Gravity Massage Chair is now you can enjoy a music session with massage therapy. Along with it has a real long S track of 1450 mm for outstanding audio quality. It has embedded rollers for the 3D movement of the chair.

A precise version of the Best full-body massage chair in India.

Key features-

  • 4D zero gravity feature.
  • Auto body scanning.
  • L-shaped rail multi-motion massage.
  • Superexcellent long S track.
  • Flexible adjustment of rollers.
  • Multi options for head massage.
  • Ache and pain reliever.
  • Emulation massage
  • manual customization of massage modes.
  • Zero gravity
  • Bluetooth feature.
  • Less controllable toward back massage.
  • Not a convenient fit for tall persons.

Bodyfriend 4D Zero Gravity Massage Chair With Bluetooth price-

This master chair is available at at Amazon. Relive your stress with us.

massage chair India
Bodyfriend 4D Zero Gravity Massage Chair

6. JSB MZ16 Full Body Massage Chair.

Best Massage Chair India
Best Massage Chair in India

It has been more than 35 years of JSB in the health and fitness industries. JSB is the prior manufacturer of a wide range of body massage chairs and sports and fitness equipment.

JSB MZ16 entire body massage chair comes with solid features with quality build and massage experience. This chair helps in treating chronic pain issues and is a healer of stress and anxiety.

The massage chair has a practical heating function and has six massage styles- Kneading, shiatsu massage, knocking, kneading + tapping, tapping, and airbag compress. It has an auto mode which fixes the back accordingly. The foot rollers of the chair are highly effective for a foot massage.

There is a specific spot massage program setting which specially targets muscles and treats.

Along with that, it has a zero-gravity feature, especially for gym-goers.

It is an exquisite and stylish chair with this lavish look. It will enhance the show of the room, wherever you will shift it. It is the best option for tall persons and can carry a maximum weight of 110kg.

Key features-

  • Decent design
  • heating pads for back therapy.
  • Full body relaxation.
  • soothing heating
  • Efficient foot rollers.
  • 3D design.
  • Heat therapy and sports massage.
  • Six massage styles
  • Auto mode feature.
  • Automatically adjustable foot rollers.
  • Airbags for arms, legs, and shoulders.
  • Zero gravity massage.
  • 110 kg weight.
  • Best for tall persons.
  • A bit expensive.

JSB MZ16 Full Body Massage Chair Price-

If you want to make this Best massage chair in India 2021 yours, then visit Amazon now.

massage chair India
JSB MZ16 Full Body Massage Chair

7. Robotouch Urban Pro Body Massager Chair

Best Massage Chair India
Best Massage Chair in India

The next one in the list of best body massager machines in India is the Robottouch Urban Pro Body massager chair.

Not only features, but this Robotouch Urban Pro Body Massager Chair has killing looks too.

The chair is laced with heat pads, which automatically emit heat from the carbon fibers at the back section of the chair, which is a primary reason to promote blood circulation and relieve pain or muscle stiffness in the back and lower back. The airbag gives a throughout massage on shoulders, arms, hands, calves, and feet. It has an in-built mode that adjusts the pressure points for relief, comfort, upper and lower body massage. The chair has six massage modes, shiatsu kneading, tapping, flapping, rolling, and knocking from neck to sole for extreme comfort.

It has an SL track mechanism, which has the quality to rail longer for maximum comfort.

The company gives a free installation service with one year guarantee.

Key Features-

  • It has a voice command feature along with Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Made of PU leather material.
  • Arm massage, Air pressure massage.
  • SL track mechanism.
  • Roller massage
  • Airbag for shoulder arms and hands.
  • Magnetic therapy.
  • Heat pad with Carbon fibers.
  • Six massage modes.
  • Help to adjust the pressure points.
  • SL Track mechanism.
  • Voice command.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Body scan sensor.
  • Zero gravity massage.
  • Quite low-rated remote control.
  • Airbag adjustment is stressful.

Robotouch Urban Pro Body Massager Chair price-

Price not available Rs is the purchasing money for this Robotouch Urban Pro Body Massager Chair. And you can easily find this on Amazon.

massage chair India
Robotouch Urban Pro Body Massager Chair

8. Kosmo care shiatsu full body massage chair.

Best Massage Chair India
Best Massage Chair in India

Kosmo care shiatsu full body massage chair is an ideal massager for fatigue and pain recovery.

This is a genuine soul- soother.

This massage chair is specifically designed with a four-wheel set with technical massage hands for the up and down movement in the back massage. This massage chair has auto-detection technology, due to which the chair auto-detects the massaging points on the upper body and shoulders. This Kosmo care shiatsu full body massage chair helps various body issues as it helps in relieving muscle tensions and soothes blood circulation. It has adjustable shoulder bags which sets according to users’ width and comfort.

Along with that, the Kosmo care shiatsu full body massage chair has five unique massage techniques which improve flexibility gradually and are best for relaxation. The chair has in-built pressure point detectors that auto-scans the shoulders and work strategically on the massage points.

It has gentle heat pads, which gentle give massage therapy to the foot and waist. There are numerous plus points of this massage chair. It is a crazy massager which will give you immense relaxation.

Key features-

  • It has six roller back massages.
  • Five massage techniques
  • Zero gravity massage chair
  • 34 airbags for air pressure
  • Manual setting
  • It can be easily fitted for small spaces as well.
  • Supportive towards 320 lbs.
  • It has a combined shoulder and armrest feature.
  • No Bluetooth feature, which is equal to no music.
massage chair India
Kosmo care shiatsu Massager Chair

9. Osim uinfinity zero gravity massage chair.

Best Massage Chair India
Best Massage Chair in India

The following number in our series is another zero gravity chair, the Osim uinfinity zero gravity massage chair.

This is the latest launch of the brand and is gathering humongous limelight. This chair has been made to perform five massage therapies, including kneading, tapping, full-body rollers, Dee tissue, and body massage. It helps elevate tension, stress, and anxiety as its zero-gravity features eventually distribute the whole body weight. While other chairs have Electrical technology, Osim uinfinity zero gravity massage chair has this innovative human technology, which knows how accurate pressure the body needs in which part.

And how to improve spine alignment, blood circulation, and how to de-stress the muscles and tendons.

There is numerous feature which makes this chair superior one. But what’s the tourist point is its most amusing and phygital system for manual selection and auto massage choices. There are a bunch of cupcakes, and you have to choose one for yourself.

In simple, you have to click on any pre-set program. No specific command is needed.

Let’s see what the options are-

Air- pressure bags- These are the airbags for compression with warm, technical shiatsu massage.

Scholar energizes- If you want to be more focused and concentrated, then this is the program best to choose.

Scholar relaxation- The head-to-toe (full body) massage options for extreme relaxation of the body.

Osim uinfinity zero gravity massage chair had been made with a different perspective, and that’s why it understands the body’s emotional and physical needs in a different way than other massage gaming chairs. And the most interesting fact is it has a new program downloading feature too.

An upgraded and updated massage chair. Not forgetting its mind-blowing leg and shoulder retractable massage.

Key features-

  • An upgraded model of the massage chair.
  • Pre-designed programs for ultimate relaxation.
  • Cream and berry color option.
  • Focus on health and well-being.
  • Great spine alignment.
  • Leg and back massage.
  • Zero gravity massage therapy.
  • Just as a human massage therapist.
  • Retractable footrest
  • Awe-inspiring pre-designed programs.
  • Fully aware and care for body mentally and physically.
  • Can be updated for new programs
  • Quite expensive
  • No warranty or guarantee

Osim uinfinity zero gravity massage chair price-

This therapeutic massage chair is available on amazon at a worth money price of .

massage chair India
Osim uinfinity zero gravity massage chair

10. Lifelong full body massage chair

Best Massage Chair India
Best Massage Chair in India

Last but not least. The 10th product on our list. Hold your seat belts tight.

Someone Pinch me! Yep, you heard me correct.

What I’m going to say next will make you crazy.

So, hold your breath.

Because in the list of best massage chairs in India, this lifelong full body massage chair is the lowest price-range massage chair.

Yes, I wouldn’t have revealed it this earlier.

But, I couldn’t stop myself from saying that just at Price not available, you can make this fantastic lifelong full body massage chair yours.

With a powerful 3D back, this is an awesome-looking piece of art. And along with the leg, it has perfect buttock and head therapy and massage options. It covers the whole body massage sequence with variant techniques like tapping, kneading, shiatsu, air squeeze, and knocking.

It has an amazing back recliner that helps in body stretching and comfort and relief to muscle tiredness. The lifelong full-body massage chair has friendly Bluetooth options so you can get an exclusive spa feel at your home.

But, here’s a kick.

You can choose your favorite music by yourself.

There is a digital panel at the side of the massage chair that helps control the speed and intensity of the body massage rollers. Along with the lowest possible price of the massage chair, the lifelong full-body massage chair comes with a one-year warranty of the piece.

Key features-

  • Roller back massage
  • Recliner
  • Full body massage
  • Air pressure massage
  • Bluetooth speaker.
  • Digital panel.
  • Extreme level massage for leg, buttock, back, and the head portion.
  • Full body covering airbags
  • One of the cheapest massage chairs.
  • Multiple massage techniques
  • Doubles up as a recliner.
  • Bluetooth speaker.
  • Extremely nothing. It worth more than the price.
massage chair India
Life long full body massage chair


So, here it ends with the top 10 Best massage chairs in India 2021. Till now, you might have got an idea about which one is suitable for you. Our work ends here. Now, it’s your turn.

It’s about making you feel more drawn towards itself and which you think is of your taste and is a worth time and investment option for you. So, if you haven’t decided yet, then think a bit more but wisely.

It’s a whole new ballgame now.

Best Massage Chair in India 2021 FAQ:

1. Which massage chair brand is the top best for 2021?

There are a bunch of massage chair brands that are very user-friendly and effortless. But the top three gathering all the fame in 2021 are JSBHealthcare, RoboTouch, and Lifelong.

2. Can I use a massage chair daily?

Massage chairs are the best relaxers and soul soothers. You can use a massage chair twice a day for 15-20 minutes. They are very friendly for blood circulation and muscle and tendons, but prolonged use can be a foe.

3. Are massage chairs good for health?

Without a doubt, yes! Massage chairs are healers to the stress, body ache, and muscle pain. It can relax you from the inside, but be careful while using and use it in moderation.

4. What is the price of massage chairs in India?

The price range of massage chairs lies between 50,000 to 3,00,000, depending on the features, durability, and qualities.

5. Are massage chairs space consuming?

Not really. They consume a maximum space of a reclining sofa and are about a width of 33 inches.

6. Do massage chairs consume a tremendous amount of electricity?

Nope, not very much. The maximum electricity a massage chair can consume is 200 to 300 watts depending on the chair you are using.

7. What is the maximum duration to use a massage chair?

For the best results, Massage chairs should be used for 15-30 minutes.

Our Top 10 Picks (Best Massage Chair in India with Price)

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